CIOB Training Partnership

Raymond Brown Building are committed to staff development and we have formed a joint venture with the CIOB to create a bespoke training, learning and development plan for all our staff, paving the way towards a fully Chartered workforce.

Individual plans are created for each employee, taking their unique needs into account. We then offer advice on the most suitable routes towards becoming Chartered. The training programme is tailored to all relevant members of staff regardless of age, experience and qualifications.

What can our staff expect from the training partnership?

Here is a typical scenario:

The CIOB holds an introductory meeting, explaining the benefits of the scheme to the employees. Employees taking part in the scheme complete a CIOB training assessment form, setting out their experience and qualifications. The CIOB assess each form, providing tailored career advice for each individual on the most suitable routes towards Chartered membership. A strategic training development plan is produced and the CIOB and a RBB mentor provide ongoing support as and when required.