We strive to be a truly sustainable organisation by addressing our environmental, social and economic impacts.

We engage proactively with our key suppliers to deliver buildings with reduced environmental impacts, through cleaner, more efficient delivery processes with negligible waste, and to contribute to the well-being of people and communities.

People (Society)

Community engagement and looking after our people is a key priority for our business. Ensuring positive relationships within the community is good for business and ensuring Raymond Brown Building remains a great place to work enables us to employ and retain the best people within the industry.

Health, Safety & Well-being – Our commitment continues to be recognised by RoSPA. In 2016, Raymond Brown Building won their fifth consecutive Gold Medal award.

Considerate Constructors Scheme – We register all appropriate construction projects to the scheme, achieving scores well above industry averages

Training & Development – We remain committed to creating sustainable new jobs for graduates and trainees.

Employee Satisfaction – A 2016 staff survey found that 86% of employees are happy and satisfied in their roles and 77% think RBB is a great place to work and would recommend a friend

Planet (Environment)

Reducing our environmental impact doesn’t just help us comply with regulations and enhance our image; it has significant economic benefits of reducing costs and maintaining a profitable business.

Reducing our Carbon Footprint

We operate within a 1 hour radius of our Ringwood office, therefore our staff and supply chain are all local to our projects. This reduces travel for both people and materials and therefore carbon. Our company car and van fleet now all contain innovative energy-saving technologies incorporating automatic start/stop, advanced engines and gearboxes which work in synergy to cut fuel consumption and the recuperation of energy from braking.

Minimising Waste & Maximising Recycling

Waste costs money. We endeavour to minimise waste produced through design, intelligent buying and prescribed methods for handling materials to reduce damage. We work with our waste handling partners to recycle all waste produced, with only 10% of waste produced going to landfill. our carbon footprint.